lou teaching Tubac School of Fine art

Tubac Art Academy is now Tubac School of Fine Art. The school's founder, Lou Maestas, who passed away in April 2017, opened the school in June 2016, offering lessons to help students succeed in drawing and painting. He immediately enrolled 30 students and began fine-tuning operations. Installation of wide-screen video and recording technology offered every student an outstanding view of his hands-on instruction and demos. Numerous artists and art teachers also utilized the school to offer their own classes, thereby building a thriving art eduction environment serving those interested in the many art forms.

Leslie Miller, a dedicated Lou Maestas student, re-opened the school in October, 2017. She learned well from the old master rub-out artist and fully intends to fulfill his vision of building a creative art nucleus where artists, art teachers and their students will constitute a new art education reality for the community. With her energy, enthusiasm and a well-defined organization regimen, Leslie and Lou's many fellow artists and students aim to see their school become a major art education venue in southern Arizona.